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FEMIB 2022 will be held in conjunction with ICEIS 2022, CSEDU 2022, ICT4AWE 2022, IoTBDS 2022 and COMPLEXIS 2022.
Registration to FEMIB allows free access to the ICEIS, CSEDU, ICT4AWE, IoTBDS and COMPLEXIS conferences (as a non-speaker).


Upcoming Submission Deadlines

Regular Paper Submission: November 30, 2021
Position Paper Submission: January 20, 2022

(See Important Dates for more information)
We live in a fast-paced and interconnected world, in which different focuses in businesses are related and dependent on each other. Four emerging areas of business: Finance, Economics, Management and IT Business (FEMIB) are essential for each country, organization, society and individual as follows. Finance is important to the individual, corporate and national wealth, profits and long-term future. Economics can help us understand how the past and current status of the regional, national and global financial performance. Management allows organizations, governments, decision-makers to make their projects and services more structured, efficient, productive and competitive. IT business stands for new trends of development, opportunities and innovation. We believe that only doing well in these four areas, this can ensure each organization, decision-maker, investor, government and country to achieve long-term success and collaboration. Our aim and objective are to bring scientists, practitioners and decision-makers of these four areas together to foster a strong and well-connected community. We welcome innovative ideas, concepts, services, techniques, research outputs and business practices.

Conference Chair

Victor ChangTeesside University, United Kingdom


Mitra AramiEM Normandie Business School, France
Patricia BaudierEM Normandie Business School, France

Special Sessions

 SCITEPRESS Digital Library

All papers presented at the conference venue
will be available at the SCITEPRESS Digital Library
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International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI)

A short list of papers presented at the conference
venue will be selected for publication of extended and
revised versions in a special issue of International
Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence

Proceedings will be submitted for indexation by: