OCFEMIB 2019 Abstracts

Short Papers
Paper Nr: 1

Towards Smarter Organizations: Using a Smart City Framework to Rethink Organizational Design in the Digital Age


Marcos Lima

Abstract: Smart cities are communities that use digital technology infrastructure to improve the lives of the individuals and groups, while increasing the productivity and competitiveness of their organizations. This paper suggests that organizations in smart cities should be designed under the same principles that make smart cities better places to live and work in. Smart organizations should rethink their systems and structures to support more agile processes and facilitate decision making and communication, while reducing the ecological impact of their activities (Smart Environment / Mobility). They should adapt their knowledge management initiatives to encourage the emergence of more collaborative and innovative communities of talent both within and without organizational borders (Smart Economy / Governance). Finally, they should attract and develop talented, creative, skilled and diverse knowledge workers who contribute to a corporate culture of innovation through learning, sharing and growth (Smart People / Living). This article applies a hybrid smart city model containing 18 performance measurement domains to help organizations think about the way they must deploy their “hard” resources (structure and systems) in order to better support their “soft” resources (staff, shared values, skills) in the process of innovating and attracting creative talent in smart city environments.